Conversation-Connecting.pngIn-App Messaging, Voice, and Video in one SDK

Provide better communications with your customers using Nexmo StitchTM - a multi-channel conversation-centric SDK and API.
Now in Developer Preview

Enable chat, voice and video on your mobile or web application with our iOS, Android, and JavaScript SDKs so that users can seamlessly communicate with you no matter which device they are on.

In-App Messaging

Build a feature rich chat experience that showcases typing indicators and sent, delivered and read receipts.

Offline Sync – With built in caching, messages are saved and sent or received once their device is back online.

Push Notifications – Keep users aware of important alerts by sending notifications to their device.

Text and Image Support – Users can quickly send and receive texts and images from your application.

In-App Voice

Nexmo In-App Voice uses WebRTC and includes all the essentials you need to build a voice experience within your mobile or web application.

User Control – Users can control whether their audio stream is muted or unmuted. 

Notifications  – Users can be notified when they receive a call or when participants are muted. 

Group Calls – Configure call settings so users can start a group call by adding participants in real time.

In-App Video

Create an easily customizable video-calling, video-conferencing, and screen-sharing experience. (Only available on the Javascript SDK)

Screen Sharing – Users can initiate screen share sessions to provide additional context to conversations. 

Group Video  – Multiple users can effortlessly join both on-demand 1:1 calls and conference calls. 

PSTN Voice Dial Out  – Users can dial others, using traditional phone lines, to join the conversation.

PSTN Voice (Coming soon)

Connect the Nexmo Voice API to In-App Messaging and In-App Voice conversations using the Nexmo Stitch SDK and bridge voice communication over IP and PSTN.

Use Cases

Connect with customers by retaining context and key details across all devices and platforms. Create and manage conversations right from your application, store history, and follow your customers' journey for better, more meaningful communications.

Contact Center

Quickly resolve customer issues  with real-time support right from your mobile or web app.

  • Gain context
  • Decrease telecom costs
  • Quick agent geographic expansion

Customer Service

Provide a branded experience by enabling your customers to message or call  you directly.

  • Control over conversations
  • Synchronize chats
  • Improve user experience


Empower your customers to message or call each other within your app

  • Retain user privacy
  • Synchronize chats
  • Increase customer engagement


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