Programmable Contact Center Capabilities
Powered by Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform

Make every customer interaction count - add WebRTC, real-time intelligence, new channels and more to your contact center experience. With cloud based programmable building blocks you can innovate faster to delight your customers.

VAPI + Google Contact Center AI

Match Made in Bot Heaven

Nexmo Voice API (VAPI) and Comms Router integrates with Google Contact Center AI and Dialogflow to enable Virtual Agent Chatbots for informational and knowledge based customer interactions so that your live agents can focus on resolving complex customer interactions and tasks. The Virtual Agent Chatbot can also transfer calls to the most qualified live agent upon a customer’s request while assisting the agent with both contextual transcripts and recommended responses.

Sentiment Analysis

De-escalate customer issues BEFORE it’s too late

With support for websocket endpoints, the Nexmo Voice API can conference in an AI bot that provides real-time insight into caller sentiments and emotions enabling agents and their supervisors with better decision-making, faster support, and positive outcomes.

Voice Enabled Contact Center

Agents anytime, anywhere

Enable your agents to make and receive calls within your contact center application and retain customer conversations in one place by integrating voice into your workflows. With customizable capabilities like split recording, text to speech, skills-based routing and call tracking, it’s easy to enhance your new or existing contact center for your business’ exact needs. Easy to expand at lower costs as all your remote agents need is a browser.

Call Transcription

Discover details that matter

Turn recordings into actionable insights using simple keyword searches to identify trends within your call transcripts. With a history of conversations that can be analyzed for keywords, you can improve customer support experience, reduce training time and meet regulatory and compliance guidelines.

Inbound Call Whisper

A little heads-up makes a big impact

Use a call whisper (onAnswer) to tell your call center agent which campaign the call concerns before they greet the caller. You can easily track and optimize both campaign performance and agent productivity.


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Vonage CX Cloud

Plug & Play Contact Center Capabilities
Get started quickly with Vonage CX Cloud’s packaged solutions that can also easily scale with your business. Seamlessly connect your customers to agents across the globe. Boost collaboration and productivity with access to a suite of enterprise-grade features and integrations designed to handle billions of customer interactions per year. From simple contact center voice services with just the reporting options you need, to advanced end-to-end contact center services with multichannel support and in-depth analytics, Vonage CX Cloud delivers a flexible and reliable customer interaction every time.

Customize Your Own
Contact Center Solution

Easily combine the programmable and packaged features to build your own custom contact center solution with all the right tools and support you need. Seamlessly connect and manage all your contact center capabilities on one platform.